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Dr Mirco Meniconi

Team Leader

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Dr Mirco Meniconi joined the ICR in 2018 as the Head of In-Silico Medicinal Chemistry. His research focuses on the application of cutting edge in silico techniques and data analysis to accelerate drug discovery at the ICR.

Dr Mirco Meniconi graduated with a Doctorate from the University of Perugia in 2005. He then went on to work at GlaxoSmithKlein (GSK) for two years, before moving to Evotec in 2007 as a Senior Scientist in the Computer Aided Drug Design team. After spending 13 years working in industry, Dr Meniconi joined the ICR in 2018 as the Head of In-Silico Medicinal Chemistry in the Cancer Therapeutics division.

The goal of the In-Silico Medicinal Chemistry team is to accelerate the progression of drug discovery projects in the CR-UK Cancer Therapeutics Unit portfolio by appropriate application of in silico methods. The team operates during all phases of drug discovery, from hit identification, through hit-to-lead, lead-optimisation, until the delivery of a clinical candidate.

The team's main research areas and activities include:

– Structure-based Drug Design, with a particular focus on in-silico docking and virtual screen.

– Ligand based Drug Design: 3D shape/pharmacophore similarity, 2D similarity, pharmacophore elucidation, scaffold hopping.

– Advanced modelling techniques such as molecular dynamics, quantum chemistry, and water analysis.

– QSAR, Machine learning, Modelling of ADMET properties.

– Data analysis and visualisation.

– Chemo-informatics.

– HTS analysis and hit triage, Compounds library design and acquisition.

– High Performance Computing and Method development.