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Nichols, H.B. Schoemaker, M.J. Cai, J. Xu, J. Wright, L.B. Brook, M.N. Jones, M.E. Adami, H.-. Baglietto, L. Bertrand, K.A. Blot, W.J. Boutron-Ruault, M.-. Dorronsoro, M. Dossus, L. Eliassen, A.H. Giles, G.G. Gram, I.T. Hankinson, S.E. Hoffman-Bolton, J. Kaaks, R. Key, T.J. Kitahara, C.M. Larsson, S.C. Linet, M. Merritt, M.A. Milne, R.L. Pala, V. Palmer, J.R. Peeters, P.H. Riboli, E. Sund, M. Tamimi, R.M. Tjønneland, A. Trichopoulou, A. Ursin, G. Vatten, L. Visvanathan, K. Weiderpass, E. Wolk, A. Zheng, W. Weinberg, C.R. Swerdlow, A.J. Sandler, D.P. (2018). Breast Cancer Risk After Recent Childbirth: A Pooled Analysis of 15 Prospective Studies. Ann intern med, .  show abstract

Schoemaker, M.J. Folkerd, E.J. Jones, M.E. Rae, M. Allen, S. Ashworth, A. Dowsett, M. Swerdlow, A.J. (2014). Combined effects of endogenous sex hormone levels and mammographic density on postmenopausal breast cancer risk: results from the Breakthrough Generations Study. Br j cancer, Vol.110 (7), pp. 1898-1907.  show abstract

Bodicoat, D.H. Schoemaker, M.J. Jones, M.E. McFadden, E. Griffin, J. Ashworth, A. Swerdlow, A.J. (2014). Timing of pubertal stages and breast cancer risk: the Breakthrough Generations Study. Breast cancer res, Vol.16 (1), p. R18.  show abstract

Jones, M.E. Schoemaker, M. Rae, M. Folkerd, E.J. Dowsett, M. Ashworth, A. Swerdlow, A.J. (2013). Changes in estradiol and testosterone levels in postmenopausal women after changes in body mass index. J clin endocrinol metab, Vol.98, pp. 2967-2974.  show abstract

Murray, A. Bennett, C.E. Perry, J.R. Weedon, M.N. Jacobs, P.A. Morris, D.H. Orr, N. Schoemaker, M.J. Jones, M. Ashworth, A. Swerdlow, A.J. ReproGen Consortium, (2011). Common genetic variants are significant risk factors for early menopause: results from the Breakthrough Generations Study. Hum mol genet, Vol.20 (1), pp. 186-192.  show abstract

Fletcher, O. Johnson, N. Orr, N. Hosking, F.J. Gibson, L.J. Walker, K. Zelenika, D. Gut, I. Heath, S. Palles, C. Coupland, B. Broderick, P. Schoemaker, M. Jones, M. Williamson, J. Chilcott-Burns, S. Tomczyk, K. Simpson, G. Jacobs, K.B. Chanock, S.J. Hunter, D.J. Tomlinson, I.P. Swerdlow, A. Ashworth, A. Ross, G. dos Santos Silva, I. Lathrop, M. Houlston, R.S. Peto, J. (2011). Novel breast cancer susceptibility locus at 9q31 2: results of a genome-wide association study. J natl cancer inst, Vol.103 (5), pp. 425-435.  show abstract

Schoemaker, M.J. Robertson, L. Wigertz, A. Jones, M.E. Hosking, F.J. Feychting, M. Lönn, S. McKinney, P.A. Hepworth, S.J. Muir, K.R. Auvinen, A. Salminen, T. Kiuru, A. Johansen, C. Houlston, R.S. Swerdlow, A.J. (2010). Interaction between 5 genetic variants and allergy in glioma risk. Am j epidemiol, Vol.171 (11), pp. 1165-1173.  show abstract

Cardis, E. Deltour, I. Vrijheid, M. Combalot, E. Moissonnier, M. Tardy, H. Armstrong, B. Giles, G. Brown, J. Siemiatycki, J. Parent, M.E. Nadon, L. Krewski, D. McBride, M.L. Johansen, C. Collatz, C.H. Auvinen, A. Kurttio, P. Lahkola, A. Salminen, T. Hours, M. Bernard, M. Montestruq, L. Schuz, J. Berg-Beckhoff, G. Schlehofer, B. Blettner, M. Sadetzki, S. Chetrit, A. Jarus-Hakak, A. Lagorio, S. Iavarone, I. Takebayashi, T. Yamaguchi, N. Woodward, A. Cook, A. Pearce, N. Tynes, T. Blaasaas, K.G. Klaeboe, L. Feychting, M. Lonn, S. Ahlbom, A. McKinney, P.A. Hepworth, S.J. Muir, K.R. Swerdlow, A.J. Schoemaker, M.J. INTERPHONE Study Grp, (2010). Brain tumour risk in relation to mobile telephone use: results of the INTERPHONE international case-control study. Int j epidemiol, Vol.39 (3), pp. 675-694.  show abstract

Schoemaker, M.J. Swerdlow, A.J. (2009). Risk of pituitary tumors in cellular phone users: a case-control study. Epidemiology, Vol.20 (3), pp. 348-354.  show abstract

Shete, S. Hosking, F.J. Robertson, L.B. Dobbins, S.E. Sanson, M. Malmer, B. Simon, M. Marie, Y. Boisselier, B. Delattre, J.-. Hoang-Xuan, K. El Hallani, S. Idbaih, A. Zelenika, D. Andersson, U. Henriksson, R. Bergenheim, A.T. Feychting, M. Lönn, S. Ahlbom, A. Schramm, J. Linnebank, M. Hemminki, K. Kumar, R. Hepworth, S.J. Price, A. Armstrong, G. Liu, Y. Gu, X. Yu, R. Lau, C. Schoemaker, M. Muir, K. Swerdlow, A. Lathrop, M. Bondy, M. Houlston, R.S. (2009). Genome-wide association study identifies five susceptibility loci for glioma. Nat genet, Vol.41 (8), pp. 899-904.  show abstract

Schoemaker, M.J. Swerdlow, A.J. Higgins, C.D. Wright, A.F. Jacobs, P.A. UK Clinical Cytogenetics Group, (2008). Cancer incidence in women with Turner syndrome in Great Britain: a national cohort study. Lancet oncol, Vol.9 (3), pp. 239-246.  show abstract

Bethke, L. Murray, A. Webb, E. Schoemaker, M. Muir, K. McKinney, P. Hepworth, S. Dimitropoulou, P. Lophatananon, A. Feychting, M. Lönn, S. Ahlbom, A. Malmer, B. Henriksson, R. Auvinen, A. Kiuru, A. Salminen, T. Johansen, C. Christensen, H.C. Kosteljanetz, M. Swerdlow, A. Houlston, R. (2008). Comprehensive analysis of DNA repair gene variants and risk of meningioma. J natl cancer inst, Vol.100 (4), pp. 270-276.  show abstract

Schoemaker, M.J. Swerdlow, A.J. Ahlbom, A. Auvinen, A. Blaasaas, K.G. Cardis, E. Christensen, H.C. Feychting, M. Hepworth, S.J. Johansen, C. Klaeboe, L. Lönn, S. McKinney, P.A. Muir, K. Raitanen, J. Salminen, T. Thomsen, J. Tynes, T. (2005). Mobile phone use and risk of acoustic neuroma: results of the Interphone case-control study in five North European countries. Br j cancer, Vol.93 (7), pp. 842-848.  show abstract

Swerdlow, A.J. Schoemaker, M.J. Higgins, C.D. Wright, A.F. Jacobs, P.A. UK Clinical Cytogenetics Group, (2005). Cancer incidence and mortality in men with Klinefelter syndrome: a cohort study. J natl cancer inst, Vol.97 (16), pp. 1204-1210.  show abstract

Swerdlow, A. Schoemaker, M. Wright, L. Brook, M. Jones, M. Association of Body Mass Index and Age With Subsequent Breast Cancer Risk in Premenopausal Women. Jama - journal of the american medical association, .

Book Chapters

Schoemaker, M.J. Swerdlow, A.J. (2009). Epidemiological Studies of Cellular Telephone Use and Risk of Cancer. In Lin, J.C. (Ed.), Advances in electromagnetic fields in living systems. (pp. 83-279). Springer Verlag, ISBN: 9780387927336.

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