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Barnes, A., Alonzi, R., Blackledge, M., Charles-Edwards, G., Collins, D.J., Cook, G., Coutts, G., Goh, V., Graves, M., Kelly, C., et al. (2018). UK quantitative WB-DWI technical workgroup: consensus meeting recommendations on optimisation, quality control, processing and analysis of quantitative whole-body diffusion-weighted imaging for cancer. The british journal of radiology, Vol.91 (1081), pp. 20170577-20170577.

Winfield, J.M., Poillucci, G., Blackledge, M.D., Collins, D.J., Shah, V., Tunariu, N., Kaiser, M.F. & Messiou, C. (2018). Apparent diffusion coefficient of vertebral haemangiomas allows differentiation from malignant focal deposits in whole-body diffusion-weighted MRI. European radiology, Vol.28 (4), pp. 1687-1691.

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Winfield, J.M., Tunariu, N., Rata, M., Miyazaki, K., Jerome, N.P., Germuska, M., Blackledge, M.D., Collins, D.J., de Bono, J.S., Yap, T.A., et al. (2017). Extracranial Soft-Tissue Tumors: Repeatability of Apparent Diffusion Coefficient Estimates from Diffusion-weighted MR Imaging. Radiology, Vol.284 (1), pp. 88-99.  show abstract

Weller, A., Papoutsaki, M.V., Waterton, J.C., Chiti, A., Stroobants, S., Kuijer, J., Blackledge, M., Morgan, V. & deSouza, N.M. (2017). Diffusion-weighted (DW) MRI in lung cancers: ADC test-retest repeatability. European radiology, Vol.27 (11), pp. 4552-4562.

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Perez-Lopez, R., Lorente, D., Blackledge, M.D., Collins, D.J., Mateo, J., Bianchini, D., Omlin, A., Zivi, A., Leach, M.O., de Bono, J.S., et al. (2016). Volume of Bone Metastasis Assessed with Whole-Body Diffusion-weighted Imaging Is Associated with Overall Survival in Metastatic Castration-resistant Prostate Cancer. Radiology, Vol.280 (1), pp. 151-160.

Cheng, L., Blackledge, M.D., Collins, D.J., Orton, M.R., Jerome, N.P., Feiweier, T., Rata, M., Morgan, V., Tunariu, N., Leach, M.O., et al. (2016). T2-adjusted computed diffusion-weighted imaging: A novel method to enhance tumour visualisation. Comp. in bio. and med., Vol.79, pp. 92-98.

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Blackledge, M.D., Collins, D.J., Tunariu, N., Orton, M.R., Padhani, A.R., Leach, M.O. & Koh, D.-. (2014). Assessment of treatment response by total tumor volume and global apparent diffusion coefficient using diffusion-weighted MRI in patients with metastatic bone disease: a feasibility study. Plos one, Vol.9 (4), p. e91779.  show abstract

Andreou, A., Koh, D.M., Collins, D.J., Blackledge, M., Wallace, T., Leach, M.O. & Orton, M.R. (2013). Measurement reproducibility of perfusion fraction and pseudodiffusion coefficient derived by intravoxel incoherent motion diffusion-weighted MR imaging in normal liver and metastases. Eur radiol, Vol.23 (2), pp. 428-434.  show abstract

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Blackledge, M.D., Koh, D.M., Collins, D.J., Chua, S. & Leach, M.O. (2013). The utility of whole-body diffusion-weighted MRI for delineating regions of interest in PET. Nuclear instruments & methods in physics research section a-accelerators spectrometers detectors and associated equipment, Vol.702, pp. 148-151.

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Koh, D.-., Blackledge, M., Collins, D.J., Padhani, A.R., Wallace, T., Wilton, B., Taylor, N.J., Stirling, J.J., Sinha, R., Walicke, P., et al. (2009). Reproducibility and changes in the apparent diffusion coefficients of solid tumours treated with combretastatin A4 phosphate and bevacizumab in a two-centre phase I clinical trial. Eur radiol, Vol.19 (11), pp. 2728-2738.  show abstract

Blackledge, M.D., Tunariu, N., Orton, M.R., Padhani, A.R., Collins, D.J., Leach, M.O. & Koh, D.-. Inter- and Intra-Observer Repeatability of Quantitative Whole-Body, Diffusion-Weighted Imaging (WBDWI) in Metastatic Bone Disease. Plos one, Vol.11 (4), pp. e0153840-e0153840.

Leach, M., Mossop, H., Blackledge, M., Rata, M., McDonald, A., Rescigno, P., Zafeiriou, Z., Porta, N., Hall, E., De Bono, J., et al. Diffusion-weighted imaging as a treatment response biomarker evaluating bone metastases in prostate cancer. Radiology, .

Hill, D.K., Heindl, A., Zormpas-Petridis, K., Collins, D.J., Euceda, L.R., Rodrigues, D.N., Moestue, S.A., Jamin, Y., Koh, D.-., Yuan, Y., et al. Non-Invasive Prostate Cancer Characterization with Diffusion-Weighted MRI: Insight from In silico Studies of a Transgenic Mouse Model. Frontiers in oncology, Vol.7.

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