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Kirova, D.G. Judasova, K. Vorhauser, J. Zerjatke, T. Leung, J.K. Glauche, I. Mansfeld, J. (2022). A ROS-dependent mechanism promotes CDK2 phosphorylation to drive progression through S phase. , .

Liess, A.K. Kucerova, A. Schweimer, K. Schlesinger, D. Dybkov, O. Urlaub, H. Mansfeld, J. Lorenz, S. (2020). Dimerization regulates the human APC/C-associated ubiquitin-conjugating enzyme UBE2S. Science signaling, Vol.13 (654), pp. eaba8208-eaba8208.  show abstract

Bakos, G. Yu, L. Gak, I.A. Roumeliotis, T.I. Liakopoulos, D. Choudhary, J.S. Mansfeld, J. (2018). An E2-ubiquitin thioester-driven approach to identify substrates modified with ubiquitin and ubiquitin-like molecules. Nature communications, Vol.9 (1), pp. 4776-?.  show abstract

Daniel, K. Icha, J. Horenburg, C. Müller, D. Norden, C. Mansfeld, J. (2018). Conditional control of fluorescent protein degradation by an auxin-dependent nanobody. Nat commun, Vol.9 (1), p. 3297.  show abstract

Zerjatke, T. Gak, I.A. Kirova, D. Fuhrmann, M. Daniel, K. Gonciarz, M. Müller, D. Glauche, I. Mansfeld, J. (2017). Quantitative Cell Cycle Analysis Based on an Endogenous All-in-One Reporter for Cell Tracking and Classification. Cell reports, Vol.19 (9), pp. 1953-1966.  show abstract

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