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Kirova, D.G. Judasova, K. Vorhauser, J. Zerjatke, T. Leung, J.K. Glauche, I. Mansfeld, J. (2022). A ROS-dependent mechanism promotes CDK2 phosphorylation to drive progression through S phase. Dev cell, Vol.57 (14), pp. 1712-1727.e9.  show abstract

Adusumilli, V.S. Walker, T.L. Overall, R.W. Klatt, G.M. Zeidan, S.A. Zocher, S. Kirova, D.G. Ntitsias, K. Fischer, T.J. Sykes, A.M. Reinhardt, S. Dahl, A. Mansfeld, J. Rünker, A.E. Kempermann, G. (2021). ROS Dynamics Delineate Functional States of Hippocampal Neural Stem Cells and Link to Their Activity-Dependent Exit from Quiescence. , Vol.28 (2), pp. 300-314.e6.  show abstract

Uvizl, A. Goswami, R. Gandhi, S.D. Augsburg, M. Buchholz, F. Guck, J. Mansfeld, J. Girardo, S. (2021). Efficient and gentle delivery of molecules into cells with different elasticity via Progressive Mechanoporation. , Vol.21 (12), pp. 2437-2452.  show abstract

Liess, A.K. Kucerova, A. Schweimer, K. Schlesinger, D. Dybkov, O. Urlaub, H. Mansfeld, J. Lorenz, S. (2020). Dimerization regulates the human APC/C-associated ubiquitin-conjugating enzyme UBE2S. Science signaling, Vol.13 (654), pp. eaba8208-eaba8208.  show abstract

Beer, K.B. Fazeli, G. Judasova, K. Irmisch, L. Causemann, J. Mansfeld, J. Wehman, A.M. (2019). Degron-tagged reporters probe membrane topology and enable the specific labelling of membrane-wrapped structures. Nature communications, Vol.10 (1), pp. 3490-?.  show abstract

Liess, A.K. Kucerova, A. Schweimer, K. Yu, L. Roumeliotis, T.I. Diebold, M. Dybkov, O. Sotriffer, C. Urlaub, H. Choudhary, J.S. Mansfeld, J. Lorenz, S. (2019). Autoinhibition Mechanism of the Ubiquitin-Conjugating Enzyme UBE2S by Autoubiquitination. Structure (london, england : 1993), Vol.27 (8), pp. 1195-1210.e7.  show abstract

Grant, R. Abdelbaki, A. Bertoldi, A. Gavilan, M.P. Mansfeld, J. Glover, D.M. Lindon, C. (2018). Constitutive regulation of mitochondrial morphology by Aurora A kinase depends on a predicted cryptic targeting sequence at the N-terminus. Open biology, Vol.8 (6).  show abstract

Bakos, G. Yu, L. Gak, I.A. Roumeliotis, T.I. Liakopoulos, D. Choudhary, J.S. Mansfeld, J. (2018). An E2-ubiquitin thioester-driven approach to identify substrates modified with ubiquitin and ubiquitin-like molecules. Nature communications, Vol.9 (1), pp. 4776-?.  show abstract

Daniel, K. Icha, J. Horenburg, C. Müller, D. Norden, C. Mansfeld, J. (2018). Conditional control of fluorescent protein degradation by an auxin-dependent nanobody. Nat commun, Vol.9 (1), p. 3297.  show abstract

Zerjatke, T. Gak, I.A. Kirova, D. Fuhrmann, M. Daniel, K. Gonciarz, M. Müller, D. Glauche, I. Mansfeld, J. (2017). Quantitative Cell Cycle Analysis Based on an Endogenous All-in-One Reporter for Cell Tracking and Classification. Cell reports, Vol.19 (9), pp. 1953-1966.  show abstract

Gheghiani, L. Loew, D. Lombard, B. Mansfeld, J. Gavet, O. (2017). PLK1 Activation in Late G2 Sets Up Commitment to Mitosis. Cell reports, Vol.19 (10), pp. 2060-2073.  show abstract

Barr, A.R. Cooper, S. Heldt, F.S. Butera, F. Stoy, H. Mansfeld, J. Novák, B. Bakal, C. (2017). DNA damage during S-phase mediates the proliferation-quiescence decision in the subsequent G1 via p21 expression. Nature communications, Vol.8, pp. 14728-?.  show abstract

Ahmed Alfar, E. Kirova, D. Konantz, J. Birke, S. Mansfeld, J. Ninov, N. (2017). Distinct Levels of Reactive Oxygen Species Coordinate Metabolic Activity with Beta-cell Mass Plasticity. Scientific reports, Vol.7 (1), pp. 3994-?.  show abstract

Di Fiore, B. Davey, N.E. Hagting, A. Izawa, D. Mansfeld, J. Gibson, T.J. Pines, J. (2015). The ABBA Motif Binds APC/C Activators and Is Shared by APC/C Substrates and Regulators. Developmental cell, Vol.32 (3), pp. 358-372.

Otto, O. Rosendahl, P. Mietke, A. Golfier, S. Herold, C. Klaue, D. Girardo, S. Pagliara, S. Ekpenyong, A. Jacobi, A. Wobus, M. Töpfner, N. Keyser, U.F. Mansfeld, J. Fischer-Friedrich, E. Guck, J. (2015). Real-time deformability cytometry: on-the-fly cell mechanical phenotyping. Nature methods, Vol.12 (3), pp. 199-202.

Hein, M.Y. Hubner, N.C. Poser, I. Cox, J. Nagaraj, N. Toyoda, Y. Gak, I.A. Weisswange, I. Mansfeld, J. Buchholz, F. Hyman, A.A. Mann, M. (2015). A Human Interactome in Three Quantitative Dimensions Organized by Stoichiometries and Abundances. Cell, Vol.163 (3), pp. 712-723.

Mansfeld, J. Collin, P. Collins, M.O. Choudhary, J.S. Pines, J. (2011). APC15 drives the turnover of MCC-CDC20 to make the spindle assembly checkpoint responsive to kinetochore attachment. Nature cell biology, Vol.13 (10), pp. 1234-1243.

Mitchell, J.M. Mansfeld, J. Capitanio, J. Kutay, U. Wozniak, R.W. (2010). Pom121 links two essential subcomplexes of the nuclear pore complex core to the membrane. Journal of cell biology, Vol.191 (3), pp. 505-521.  show abstract

Garnett, M.J. Mansfeld, J. Godwin, C. Matsusaka, T. Wu, J. Russell, P. Pines, J. Venkitaraman, A.R. (2009). UBE2S elongates ubiquitin chains on APC/C substrates to promote mitotic exit. Nature cell biology, Vol.11 (11), pp. 1363-1369.

Sehring, I.M. Reiner, C. Mansfeld, J. Plattner, H. Kissmehl, R. (2007). A broad spectrum of actin paralogs inParamecium tetraureliacells display differential localization and function. Journal of cell science, Vol.120 (1), pp. 177-190.  show abstract

Sehring, I.M. Mansfeld, J. Reiner, C. Wagner, E. Plattner, H. Kissmehl, R. (2007). The actin multigene family of Paramecium tetraurelia. Bmc genomics, Vol.8 (1), pp. 82-82.

Mansfeld, J. Güttinger, S. Hawryluk-Gara, L.A. Panté, N. Mall, M. Galy, V. Haselmann, U. Mühlhäusser, P. Wozniak, R.W. Mattaj, I.W. Kutay, U. Antonin, W. (2006). The Conserved Transmembrane Nucleoporin NDC1 Is Required for Nuclear Pore Complex Assembly in Vertebrate Cells. Molecular cell, Vol.22 (1), pp. 93-103.

Schilde, C. Wassmer, T. Mansfeld, J. Plattner, H. KissmehI, R. (2006). A Multigene Family Encoding R-SNAREs in the Ciliate Paramecium tetraurelia. Traffic, Vol.7 (4), pp. 440-455.

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