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Da Pieve, C. Allott, L. Martins, C.D. Vardon, A. Ciobota, D.M. Kramer-Marek, G. Smith, G. (2016). Efficient [(18)F]AlF Radiolabeling of ZHER3:8698 Affibody Molecule for Imaging of HER3 Positive Tumors. Bioconjug chem, Vol.27 (8), pp. 1839-1849.  show abstract

Allott, L. Smith, G. Aboagye, E.O. Carroll, L. (2015). PET Imaging of Steroid Hormone Receptor Expression. Molecular imaging, Vol.14 (10), pp. 7290.2015.00026-7290.2015.00026.

Haywood, T. Kealey, S. Sánchez-Cabezas, S. Hall, J.J. Allott, L. Smith, G. Plisson, C. Miller, P.W. (2015). Carbon-11 Radiolabelling of Organosulfur Compounds:11C Synthesis of the Progesterone Receptor Agonist Tanaproget. Chemistry - a european journal, Vol.21 (25), pp. 9034-9038.

Pacelli, A. Greenman, J. Cawthorne, C. Smith, G. (2014). Imaging COX-2 expression in cancer using PET/SPECT radioligands: current status and future directions. Journal of labelled compounds & radiopharmaceuticals, Vol.57 (4), pp. 317-322.

Nguyen, Q.-. Lavdas, I. Gubbins, J. Smith, G. Fortt, R. Carroll, L.S. Graham, M.A. Aboagye, E.O. (2013). Temporal and spatial evolution of therapy-induced tumor apoptosis detected by caspase-3-selective molecular imaging. Clin cancer res, Vol.19 (14), pp. 3914-3924.  show abstract

Kaliszczak, M. Patel, H. Kroll, S.H. Carroll, L. Smith, G. Delaney, S. Heathcote, D.A. Bondke, A. Fuchter, M.J. Coombes, R.C. Barrett, A.G. Ali, S. Aboagye, E.O. (2013). Development of a cyclin-dependent kinase inhibitor devoid of ABC transporter-dependent drug resistance. Br j cancer, Vol.109 (9), pp. 2356-2367.  show abstract

Tietz, O. Kamaly, N. Smith, G. Shamsaei, E. Bhakoo, K.K. Long, N.J. Aboagye, E.O. (2013). Design, synthesis and in vitro characterization of fluorescent and paramagnetic CXCR4-targeted imaging agents. Am j nucl med mol imaging, Vol.3 (4), pp. 372-383.  show abstract

Nguyen, Q.-. Challapalli, A. Smith, G. Fortt, R. Aboagye, E.O. Consortium, Q.-. (2012). Imaging apoptosis with positron emission tomography: 'Bench to bedside' development of the caspase-3/7 specific radiotracer [F-18]ICMT-11. European journal of cancer, Vol.48 (4), pp. 432-440.

Aberg, O. Pisaneschi, F. Smith, G. Nguyen, Q.-. Stevens, E. Aboagye, E.O. (2012). F-18-labelling of a cyclic pentapeptide inhibitor of the chemokine receptor CXCR4. Journal of fluorine chemistry, Vol.135, pp. 200-206.

Smith, G. Sala, R. Carroll, L. Behan, K. Glaser, M. Robins, E. Nguyen, Q.-. Aboagye, E.O. (2012). Synthesis and evaluation of nucleoside radiotracers for imaging proliferation. Nucl med biol, Vol.39 (5), pp. 652-665.  show abstract

Fortt, R. Smith, G. Awais, R.O. Luthra, S.K. Aboagye, E.O. (2012). Automated GMP Synthesis of [F-18]ICMT-11 for In Vivo Imaging of Caspase-3 Activity. Nuclear medicine and biology, Vol.39 (7), pp. 1000-1005.

Smith, G. Carroll, L. Aboagye, E.O. (2012). New Frontiers in the Design and Synthesis of Imaging Probes for PET Oncology: Current Challenges and Future Directions. Molecular imaging and biology, Vol.14 (6), pp. 653-666.

Witney, T.H. Alam, I.S. Turton, D.R. Smith, G. Carroll, L. Brickute, D. Twyman, F.J. Nguyen, Q.-. Tomasi, G. Awais, R.O. Aboagye, E.O. (2012). Evaluation of Deuterated F-18- and C-11-Labeled Choline Analogs for Cancer Detection by Positron Emission Tomography. Clinical cancer research, Vol.18 (4), pp. 1063-1072.

Evans, H.L. Slade, R.L. Carroll, L. Smith, G. Nguyen, Q.-. Iddon, L. Kamaly, N. Stöckmann, H. Leeper, F.J. Aboagye, E.O. Spivey, A.C. (2012). Copper-free click--a promising tool for pre-targeted PET imaging. Chem commun (camb), Vol.48 (7), pp. 991-993.  show abstract

Smith, G. Zhao, Y. Leyton, J. Shan, B. Nguyen, Q.-. Perumal, M. Turton, D. Årstad, E. Luthra, S.K. Robins, E.G. Aboagye, E.O. (2011). Radiosynthesis and pre-clinical evaluation of [(18)F]fluoro-[1,2-(2)H(4)]choline. Nucl med biol, Vol.38 (1), pp. 39-51.  show abstract

Glaser, M. Goggi, J. Smith, G. Morrison, M. Luthra, S.K. Robins, E. Aboagye, E.O. (2011). Improved radiosynthesis of the apoptosis marker F-18-ICMT11 including biological evaluation. Bioorganic & medicinal chemistry letters, Vol.21 (23), pp. 6945-6949.

Smith, G. Fortt, R. Awais, R. Carroll, L. Abrahams, J. Black, A. Goggi, J. Glaser, M. Robins, E. Morrison, M. Luthra, S. Aboagye, E. (2011). Automation of [F-18]ICMT-11 for imaging apoptosis. Journal of labelled compounds & radiopharmaceuticals, Vol.54, pp. S443-S443.

Smith, G. Carroll, L. Sala, R. Leyton, J. Quang-de, N. Behan, K. Twyman, F. Robins, E. Aboagye, E. (2011). Synthesis and evaluation of nucleoside radiotracers for imaging tumour proliferation. Journal of labelled compounds & radiopharmaceuticals, Vol.54, pp. S214-S214.

Aberg, O. Stevens, E. Pisaneschi, F. Smith, G. Aboagye, E. (2011). Cyclic pentapetide conjugates as potential CXCR4 imaging agents. Journal of labelled compounds & radiopharmaceuticals, Vol.54, pp. S170-S170.

Pisaneschi, F. Nguyen, Q.-. Shamsaei, E. Glaser, M. Robins, E. Kaliszczak, M. Smith, G. Spivey, A.C. Aboagye, E.O. (2010). Development of a new epidermal growth factor receptor positron emission tomography imaging agent based on the 3-cyanoquinoline core: synthesis and biological evaluation. Bioorg med chem, Vol.18 (18), pp. 6634-6645.  show abstract

Leyton, J. Smith, G. Zhao, Y. Perumal, M. Nguyen, Q.-. Robins, E. Arstad, E. Aboagye, E.O. (2009). [F-18]Fluoromethyl-[1,2-H-2(4)]-Choline: A Novel Radiotracer for Imaging Choline Metabolism in Tumors by Positron Emission Tomography. Cancer research, Vol.69 (19), pp. 7721-7728.

Smith, G. Nguyen, Q.-. Aboagye, E.O. (2009). Translational imaging of apoptosis. Anticancer agents med chem, Vol.9 (9), pp. 958-967.  show abstract

Nguyen, Q.-. Smith, G. Glaser, M. Perumal, M. Arstad, E. Aboagye, E.O. (2009). Positron emission tomography imaging of drug-induced tumor apoptosis with a caspase-3/7 specific [18F]-labeled isatin sulfonamide. Proc natl acad sci u s a, Vol.106 (38), pp. 16375-16380.  show abstract

Smith, G. Nguyen, Q. Glaser, M. Perumal, M. Arstad, E. Aboagye, E. (2009). DEVELOPMENT OF AN ISATIN-5-SULFONAMIDE BASED PET PROBE FOR IMAGING APOPTOSIS IN VIVO. Journal of labelled compounds & radiopharmaceuticals, Vol.52, pp. S36-S36.

Leyton, J. Smith, G. Lees, M. Perumal, M. Nguyen, Q.D. Aigbirhio, F.I. Golovko, O. He, Q.M. Workman, P. Aboagye, E.O. (2008). Noninvasive imaging of cell proliferation following mitogenic extracellular kinase inhibition by PD0325901. Mol cancer ther, Vol.7 (9), pp. 3112-3121.  show abstract

Smith, G. Glaser, M. Perumal, M. Nguyen, Q.-. Shan, B. Arstad, E. Aboagye, E.O. (2008). Design, synthesis, and biological characterization of a caspase 3/7 selective isatin labeled with 2-[18F]fluoroethylazide. J med chem, Vol.51 (24), pp. 8057-8067.  show abstract

Udemba, A. Smith, G. Nguyen, Q.-. Kaliszczak, M. Carroll, L. Fortt, R. Fuchter, M.J. Aboagye, E.O. Design, synthesis and initial characterisation of a radiolabelled [18F]pyrimidoindolone probe for detecting activated caspase-3/7. Organic & biomolecular chemistry, Vol.13 (19), pp. 5418-5423.  show abstract

Merchant, S. Allott, L. Carroll, L. Tittrea, V. Kealey, S. Witney, T.H. Miller, P.W. Smith, G. Aboagye, E.O. Synthesis and pre-clinical evaluation of a [18F]fluoromethyl-tanaproget derivative for imaging of progesterone receptor expression. Rsc advances, Vol.6 (62), pp. 57569-57579.  show abstract

Smith, G. Evaluation of DFO-HOPO as an octadentate chelator for zirconium-89. Chemical communications, .

Smith, G. A practical microwave method for the synthesis of fluoromethy 4-methylbenzenesulfonate in tert-amyl alcohol. Tetrahedron letters, .

Smith, G. King, A. Doepner, A. Turton, D. Ciobota, D. Da Pieve, C. Wong Te Fong, A.-. Kramer-Marek, G. Chung, Y. Radiosynthesis of the anticancer nucleoside analogue Trifluridine using an automated 18F-trifluoromethylation procedure. Organic and biomolecular chemistry, .

Smith, G. An alternative synthesis of Vandetanib (Caprelsa™) viavia a microwave accelerated Dimroth rearrangement. Tetrahedron letters, .


Martins, C.D.Da Pieve, C.Ciobota, D.M.Paul, R.L.Spinks, T.Smith, G.Kramer-Marek, G. (2015). Broadcasting the HER3 receptor status in vivo, EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF NUCLEAR MEDICINE AND MOLECULAR IMAGING, Vol.42, p.S262.

Burley, T.Martins, C.D.Da Pieve, C.Paul, R.L.Ciobota, D.M.Smith, G.Harrington, K.Kramer-Marek, G. (2015). 89Zr-Affibody for specific detection of EGFR expression in HNSCC, EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF NUCLEAR MEDICINE AND MOLECULAR IMAGING, Vol.42, p.S247.

Da Pieve, C.Allott, L.Martins, C.D.Carroll, L.Paul, R.L.Aboagye, E.O.Kramer-Marek, G.Smith, G. (2015). Strategies for the development of high specific activity affibody based probes for the detection of HER3 positive tumours, EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF NUCLEAR MEDICINE AND MOLECULAR IMAGING, Vol.42, pp.S247-S248.

Pacelli, A.Smith, G.Greenman, J.Cawthorne, C. (2014). 598: Design, synthesis and evaluation of COX-2 PET imaging probes, European Journal of Cancer, Vol.50, p.S144.

Allott, L.Greenman, J.Smith, G.Cawthorne, C. (2014). Development of nuclear receptor imaging agents, ABSTRACTS OF PAPERS OF THE AMERICAN CHEMICAL SOCIETY, Vol.248.

Slade, R.Pisaneschi, F.Kaliszczak, M.Smith, G.Nguyen, Q.Aboagye, E. (2013). Cyanoquinoline-based tracers and their interaction with the ABC transporters for the imaging of EGFR in cancer, JOURNAL OF NUCLEAR MEDICINE, Vol.54, p.23.

Nguyen, Q.Challapalli, A.Smith, G.Fortt, R.Glaser, M.Arstad, E.Gudi, M.A.Carroll, L.S.Perumal, M.Witney, T.H.Graham, M.A.Aboagye, E.O. (2013). Imaging apoptosis with positron emission tomography: bench-to-bedside development of the caspase-3/7-specific radiotracer [F-18] ICMT-11, JOURNAL OF NUCLEAR MEDICINE, Vol.54, p.19.

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