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Wennerberg, E. Mukherjee, S. Spada, S. Hung, C. Agrusa, C.J. Chen, C. Valeta-Magara, A. Rudqvist, N.-. Van Nest, S.J. Kamel, M.K. Nasar, A. Narula, N. Mittal, V. Markowitz, G.J. Zhou, X.K. Adusumilli, P.S. Borczuk, A.C. White, T.E. Khan, A.G. Balderes, P.J. Lorenz, I.C. Altorki, N. Demaria, S. McGraw, T.E. Stiles, B.M. (2022). Expression of the mono-ADP-ribosyltransferase ART1 by tumor cells mediates immune resistance in non-small cell lung cancer. , Vol.14 (636), p. eabe8195.  show abstract

Yamazaki, T. Wennerberg, E. Hensler, M. Buqué, A. Kraynak, J. Fucikova, J. Zhou, X.K. Sveinbjørnsson, B. Rekdal, Ø. Demaria, S. Galluzzi, L. (2021). LTX-315-enabled, radiotherapy-boosted immunotherapeutic control of breast cancer by NK cells. Oncoimmunology, Vol.10 (1).

Vitale, I. Yamazaki, T. Wennerberg, E. Sveinbjørnsson, B. Rekdal, Ø. Demaria, S. Galluzzi, L. (2021). Targeting Cancer Heterogeneity with Immune Responses Driven by Oncolytic Peptides. Trends in cancer, .  show abstract

Wennerberg, E. Spada, S. Rudqvist, N.-. Lhuillier, C. Gruber, S. Chen, Q. Zhang, F. Zhou, X.K. Gross, S.S. Formenti, S.C. Demaria, S. (2020). CD73 Blockade Promotes Dendritic Cell Infiltration of Irradiated Tumors and Tumor Rejection. Cancer immunology research, Vol.8 (4), pp. 465-478.  show abstract

Wennerberg, E. Lhuillier, C. Rybstein, M.D. Dannenberg, K. Rudqvist, N.-. Koelwyn, G.J. Jones, L.W. Demaria, S. (2020). Exercise reduces immune suppression and breast cancer progression in a preclinical model. Oncotarget, Vol.11 (4), pp. 452-461.  show abstract

Spada, S. Rudqvist, N.-. Wennerberg, E. (2020). Isolation of DNA from exosomes. , , pp. 173-183.

Wennerberg, E. Galluzzi, L. (2019). Born to Kill: NK Cells Go to War against Cancer. Trends in cancer, Vol.5 (3), pp. 143-145.

Rudqvist, N.-. Pilones, K.A. Lhuillier, C. Wennerberg, E. Sidhom, J.-. Emerson, R.O. Robins, H.S. Schneck, J. Formenti, S.C. Demaria, S. (2018). Radiotherapy and CTLA-4 Blockade Shape the TCR Repertoire of Tumor-Infiltrating T Cells. Cancer immunology research, Vol.6 (2), pp. 139-150.  show abstract

Formenti, S.C. Rudqvist, N.-. Golden, E. Cooper, B. Wennerberg, E. Lhuillier, C. Vanpouille-Box, C. Friedman, K. Ferrari de Andrade, L. Wucherpfennig, K.W. Heguy, A. Imai, N. Gnjatic, S. Emerson, R.O. Zhou, X.K. Zhang, T. Chachoua, A. Demaria, S. (2018). Radiotherapy induces responses of lung cancer to CTLA-4 blockade. Nature medicine, Vol.24 (12), pp. 1845-1851.

Wennerberg, E. Vanpouille‐Box, C. Bornstein, S. Yamazaki, T. Demaria, S. Galluzzi, L. (2017). Immune recognition of irradiated cancer cells. Immunological reviews, Vol.280 (1), pp. 220-230.

Kremer, V. Ligtenberg, M.A. Zendehdel, R. Seitz, C. Duivenvoorden, A. Wennerberg, E. Colón, E. Scherman-Plogell, A.-. Lundqvist, A. (2017). Genetic engineering of human NK cells to express CXCR2 improves migration to renal cell carcinoma. Journal for immunotherapy of cancer, Vol.5 (1).

Mao, Y. van Hoef, V. Zhang, X. Wennerberg, E. Lorent, J. Witt, K. Masvidal, L. Liang, S. Murray, S. Larsson, O. Kiessling, R. Lundqvist, A. (2016). IL-15 activates mTOR and primes stress-activated gene expression leading to prolonged antitumor capacity of NK cells. Blood, Vol.128 (11), pp. 1475-1489.  show abstract

Wennerberg, E. Kremer, V. Childs, R. Lundqvist, A. (2015). CXCL10-induced migration of adoptively transferred human natural killer cells toward solid tumors causes regression of tumor growth in vivo. Cancer immunology, immunotherapy, Vol.64 (2), pp. 225-235.

Vanpouille-Box, C. Pilones, K.A. Wennerberg, E. Formenti, S.C. Demaria, S. (2015). In situ vaccination by radiotherapy to improve responses to anti-CTLA-4 treatment. Vaccine, Vol.33 (51), pp. 7415-7422.

Koelwyn, G.J. Wennerherg, E. Demria, S. Jones, L.W. (2015). Exercise in Regulation of Inflammation-Immune Axis Function in Cancer Initiation and Progression. Oncology-new york, Vol.29 (12), pp. 908-+.

Tittarelli, A. Mendoza-Naranjo, A. Farías, M. Guerrero, I. Ihara, F. Wennerberg, E. Riquelme, S. Gleisner, A. Kalergis, A. Lundqvist, A. López, M.N. Chambers, B.J. Salazar-Onfray, F. (2014). Gap Junction Intercellular Communications Regulate NK Cell Activation and Modulate NK Cytotoxic Capacity. The journal of immunology, Vol.192 (3), pp. 1313-1319.

Magnusson, S.E. Wennerberg, E. Matt, P. Lindqvist, U. Kleinau, S. (2014). Dysregulated Fc receptor function in active rheumatoid arthritis. Immunology letters, Vol.162 (1), pp. 200-206.

Wennerberg, E. Pfefferle, A. Ekblad, L. Yoshimoto, Y. Kremer, V. Kaminskyy, V.O. Juhlin, C.C. Höög, A. Bodin, I. Svjatoha, V. Larsson, C. Zedenius, J. Wennerberg, J. Lundqvist, A. (2014). Human Anaplastic Thyroid Carcinoma Cells Are Sensitive to NK Cell–Mediated Lysis via ULBP2/5/6 and Chemoattract NK Cells. Clinical cancer research, Vol.20 (22), pp. 5733-5744.  show abstract

Mao, Y. Poschke, I. Wennerberg, E. Pico de Coaña, Y. Egyhazi Brage, S. Schultz, I. Hansson, J. Masucci, G. Lundqvist, A. Kiessling, R. (2013). Melanoma-Educated CD14+ Cells Acquire a Myeloid-Derived Suppressor Cell Phenotype through COX-2–Dependent Mechanisms. Cancer research, Vol.73 (13), pp. 3877-3887.  show abstract

Wennerberg, E. Sarhan, D. Carlsten, M. Kaminskyy, V.O. D'Arcy, P. Zhivotovsky, B. Childs, R. Lundqvist, A. (2013). Doxorubicin sensitizes human tumor cells to NK cell- and T-cell-mediated killing by augmented TRAIL receptor signaling. International journal of cancer, Vol.133 (7), pp. 1643-1652.

Sarhan, D. D'Arcy, P. Wennerberg, E. Lidén, M. Hu, J. Winqvist, O. Rolny, C. Lundqvist, A. (2013). Activated monocytes augment TRAIL-mediated cytotoxicity by human NK cells through release of IFN-γ. European journal of immunology, Vol.43 (1), pp. 249-257.

Sarhan, D. Wennerberg, E. D’Arcy, P. Gurajada, D. Linder, S. Lundqvist, A. (2013). A novel inhibitor of proteasome deubiquitinating activity renders tumor cells sensitive to TRAIL-mediated apoptosis by natural killer cells and T cells. Cancer immunology, immunotherapy, Vol.62 (8), pp. 1359-1368.

Okita, R. Mougiakakos, D. Ando, T. Mao, Y. Sarhan, D. Wennerberg, E. Seliger, B. Lundqvist, A. Mimura, K. Kiessling, R. (2012). HER2/HER3 Signaling Regulates NK Cell-Mediated Cytotoxicity via MHC Class I Chain-Related Molecule A and B Expression in Human Breast Cancer Cell Lines. The journal of immunology, Vol.188 (5), pp. 2136-2145.

Kiessling, R. Okita, R. Mougiakakos, D. Mao, Y. Sarhan, D. Wennerberg, E. Seliger, B. Lundqvist, A. Mimura, K. Kono, K. (2012). Opposing consequences of signaling through EGF family members. Oncoimmunology, Vol.1 (7), pp. 1200-1201.

Wennerberg, E. Lhuillier, C. Vanpouille-Box, C. Pilones, K.A. García-Martínez, E. Rudqvist, N.-. Formenti, S.C. Demaria, S. Barriers to Radiation-Induced In Situ Tumor Vaccination. Frontiers in immunology, Vol.8.

Karasarides, M. Cogdill, A.P. Robbins, P.B. Bowden, M. Burton, E.M. Butterfield, L.H. Cesano, A. Hammer, C. Haymaker, C.L. Horak, C.E. McGee, H.M. Monette, A. Rudqvist, N.-. Spencer, C.N. Sweis, R.F. Vincent, B.G. Wennerberg, E. Yuan, J. Zappasodi, R. Lucey, V.M. Wells, D.K. LaVallee, T. Hallmarks of Resistance to Immune-Checkpoint Inhibitors. Cancer immunology research, Vol.10 (4), pp. 372-383.  show abstract

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Wennerberg, E. Rudqvist, N.-. Spada, S. (2020). Characterization of conventional dendritic cell populations in preclinical tumor models using flow cytometry. Methods in Enzymology. (pp. 139-148). Elsevier.

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