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Editorial Boards

Medical Physics (AAPM), Associate Editor, February 2013.

External Committees

Medical Physics Group, Chair, Institute of Physics, January 2012-January 2016.

Medical Physics Group, Member, Insitute of Physics, January 2008.

Mayneord-Phillips Trust, Trustee, Institute of Physics, January 2011-present.

Mayneord-Phillips Trust, Trustee-Secretary, Insitute of Physics, January 2012-January 2013.

Mayneord-Phillips Trust, Trustee - Chair, Institute of Physics, January 2013-December 2015.

The Science Engineering & Technology (SET) Student of the year Awards (UK & Europe), Judge of the Physics Panel, Institute of Physics & the National Physical Laboratory, September 2009-present.

Panel for Biomedical Engineering, Member, The Royal Academy of Engineering, July 2011-present.

Higher Education Group, Founder and Member, Institute of Physics, January 2005-December 2010.

International Joint Projects Committee, Member, The Royal Society, January 2008-December 2011.

International Exchanges Committee, Member, The Royal Society, January 2012-present.