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Zierhut, C. Funabiki, H. (2020). Regulation and Consequences of cGAS Activation by Self-DNA. Trends in cell biology, Vol.30 (8), pp. 594-605.

Kujirai, T. Zierhut, C. Takizawa, Y. Kim, R. Negishi, L. Uruma, N. Hirai, S. Funabiki, H. Kurumizaka, H. (2020). Structural basis for the inhibition of cGAS by nucleosomes. Science, Vol.370 (6515), pp. 455-458.  show abstract

Zierhut, C. Yamaguchi, N. Paredes, M. Luo, J.-. Carroll, T. Funabiki, H. (2019). The Cytoplasmic DNA Sensor cGAS Promotes Mitotic Cell Death. Cell, Vol.178 (2), pp. 302-315.e23.

Funabiki, H. Jenness, C. Zierhut, C. (2018). Nucleosome-Dependent Pathways That Control Mitotic Progression. Cold spring harb symp quant biol, Vol.82, pp. 173-185.  show abstract

van den Boom, J. Wolf, M. Weimann, L. Schulze, N. Li, F. Kaschani, F. Riemer, A. Zierhut, C. Kaiser, M. Iliakis, G. Funabiki, H. Meyer, H. (2016). VCP/p97 Extracts Sterically Trapped Ku70/80 Rings from DNA in Double-Strand Break Repair. Molecular cell, Vol.64 (1), pp. 189-198.

Zierhut, C. Funabiki, H. (2015). Nucleosome functions in spindle assembly and nuclear envelope formation. Bioessays, Vol.37 (10), pp. 1074-1085.

Zierhut, C. Jenness, C. Kimura, H. Funabiki, H. (2014). Nucleosomal regulation of chromatin composition and nuclear assembly revealed by histone depletion. Nature structural & molecular biology, Vol.21 (7), pp. 617-625.

Kelly, A.E. Ghenoiu, C. Xue, J.Z. Zierhut, C. Kimura, H. Funabiki, H. (2010). Survivin Reads Phosphorylated Histone H3 Threonine 3 to Activate the Mitotic Kinase Aurora B. Science, Vol.330 (6001), pp. 235-239.  show abstract

Zierhut, C. Diffley, J.F. (2008). Break dosage, cell cycle stage and DNA replication influence DNA double strand break response. The embo journal, Vol.27 (13), pp. 1875-1885.

Zierhut, C. Berlinger, M. Rupp, C. Shinohara, A. Klein, F. (2004). Mnd1 Is Required for Meiotic Interhomolog Repair. Current biology, Vol.14 (9), pp. 752-762.

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