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Tanos, B.E. Yang, H.-. Soni, R. Wang, W.-. Macaluso, F.P. Asara, J.M. Tsou, M.-. (2013). Centriole distal appendages promote membrane docking, leading to cilia initiation. Genes dev, Vol.27 (2), pp. 163-168.  show abstract

Tanos, B. Rodriguez-Boulan, E. (2008). The epithelial polarity program: machineries involved and their hijacking by cancer. Oncogene, Vol.27 (55), pp. 6939-6957.  show abstract

Tanos, B.E. Pendergast, A.M. (2007). Abi-1 forms an epidermal growth factor-inducible complex with Cbl: role in receptor endocytosis. Cell signaling, Vol.7 (19), pp. 1602-1609.  show abstract

Tanos, B. Pendergast, A.M. (2006). Abl tyrosine kinase regulates endocytosis of the epidermal growth factor receptor. J biol chem, Vol.281 (43), pp. 32714-32723.  show abstract

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