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Khaliq, A.M. Erdogan, C. Kurt, Z. Turgut, S.S. Grunvald, M.W. Rand, T. Khare, S. Borgia, J.A. Hayden, D.M. Pappas, S.G. Govekar, H.R. Kam, A.E. Reiser, J. Turaga, K. Radovich, M. Zang, Y. Qiu, Y. Liu, Y. Fishel, M.L. Turk, A. Gupta, V. Al-Sabti, R. Subramanian, J. Kuzel, T.M. Sadanandam, A. Waldron, L. Hussain, A. Saleem, M. El-Rayes, B. Salahudeen, A.A. Masood, A. (2022). Refining colorectal cancer classification and clinical stratification through a single-cell atlas. Genome biology, Vol.23 (1).  show abstract

Mooz, J. Riegel, K. Ps, H. Sadanandam, A. Marini, F. Klein, M. Werner, U. Roth, W. Wilken-Schmitz, A. Tegeder, I. Rajalingam, K. (2022). ARAF suppresses ERBB3 expression and metastasis in a subset of lung cancers. Science advances, Vol.8 (11), pp. eabk1538-?.  show abstract

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Borelli, B. Fontana, E. Giordano, M. Antoniotti, C. Lonardi, S. Bergamo, F. Pietrantonio, F. Morano, F. Tamburini, E. Boccaccino, A. Santini, D. Zucchelli, G. Pella, N. Maiello, E. Passardi, A. Zaniboni, A. Ugolini, C. Fontanini, G. Falcone, A. Nyamundanda, G. Sadanandam, A. Cremolini, C. (2021). Prognostic and predictive impact of consensus molecular subtypes and CRCAssigner classifications in metastatic colorectal cancer: a translational analysis of the TRIBE2 study. Esmo open, Vol.6 (2), pp. 100073-?.  show abstract

Mangal, N. Erridge, S. Habib, N. Sadanandam, A. Reebye, V. Sodergren, M.H. (2021). Cannabinoids in the landscape of cancer. Journal of cancer research and clinical oncology, Vol.147 (9), pp. 2507-2534.  show abstract

Carotenuto, P. Amato, F. Lampis, A. Rae, C. Hedayat, S. Previdi, M.C. Zito, D. Raj, M. Guzzardo, V. Sclafani, F. Lanese, A. Parisi, C. Vicentini, C. Said-Huntingford, I. Hahne, J.C. Hallsworth, A. Kirkin, V. Young, K. Begum, R. Wotherspoon, A. Kouvelakis, K. Azevedo, S.X. Michalarea, V. Upstill-Goddard, R. Rao, S. Watkins, D. Starling, N. Sadanandam, A. Chang, D.K. Biankin, A.V. Jamieson, N.B. Scarpa, A. Cunningham, D. Chau, I. Workman, P. Fassan, M. Valeri, N. Braconi, C. (2021). Modulation of pancreatic cancer cell sensitivity to FOLFIRINOX through microRNA-mediated regulation of DNA damage. Nat commun, Vol.12 (1), pp. 6738-?.  show abstract

Fontana, E. Nyamundanda, G. Cunningham, D. Tu, D. Cheang, M.C. Jonker, D.J. Siu, L.L. Sclafani, F. Eason, K. Ragulan, C. Bali, M.A. Hulkki-Wilson, S. Loree, J.M. Waring, P.M. Giordano, M. Lawrence, P. Rodrigues, D.N. Begum, R. Shapiro, J.D. Price, T.J. Cremolini, C. Starling, N. Pietrantonio, F. Trusolino, L. O'Callaghan, C.J. Sadanandam, A. (2020). Intratumoral Transcriptome Heterogeneity Is Associated With Patient Prognosis and Sidedness in Patients With Colorectal Cancer Treated With Anti-EGFR Therapy From the CO 20 Trial. Jco precision oncology, Vol.4.  show abstract

Young, K. Lawlor, R.T. Ragulan, C. Patil, Y. Mafficini, A. Bersani, S. Antonello, D. Mansfield, D. Cingarlini, S. Landoni, L. Pea, A. Luchini, C. Piredda, L. Kannan, N. Nyamundanda, G. Morganstein, D. Chau, I. Wiedenmann, B. Milella, M. Melcher, A. Cunningham, D. Starling, N. Scarpa, A. Sadanandam, A. (2020). Immune landscape, evolution, hypoxia-mediated viral mimicry pathways and therapeutic potential in molecular subtypes of pancreatic neuroendocrine tumours. Gut, .  show abstract

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Tarazona, N. Gimeno-Valiente, F. Gambardella, V. Huerta, M. Roselló, S. Zuniga, S. Calon, A. Carbonell-Asins, J.A. Fontana, E. Martinez-Ciarpaglini, C. Eason, K. Rentero-Garrido, P. Fleitas, T. Papaccio, F. Moro-Valdezate, D. Nyamundanda, G. Castillo, J. Espí, A. Sadanandam, A. Roda, D. Cervantes, A. (2020). Detection of postoperative plasma circulating tumour DNA and lack of CDX2 expression as markers of recurrence in patients with localised colon cancer. Esmo open, Vol.5 (5).  show abstract

Sodergren, M.H. Mangal, N. Wasan, H. Sadanandam, A. Balachandran, V.P. Jiao, L.R. Habib, N. (2020). Immunological combination treatment holds the key to improving survival in pancreatic cancer. Journal of cancer research and clinical oncology, Vol.146 (11), pp. 2897-2911.  show abstract

Nyamundanda, G. Eason, K. Guinney, J. Lord, C.J. Sadanandam, A. (2020). A Machine-Learning Tool Concurrently Models Single Omics and Phenome Data for Functional Subtyping and Personalized Cancer Medicine. Cancers, Vol.12 (10).  show abstract

Cremolini, C. Benelli, M. Fontana, E. Pagani, F. Rossini, D. Fucà, G. Busico, A. Conca, E. Di Donato, S. Loupakis, F. Schirripa, M. Lonardi, S. Borelli, B. Ongaro, E. Eason, K. Morano, F. Casagrande, M. Fassan, M. Sadanandam, A. de Braud, F. Falcone, A. Pietrantonio, F. (2019). Benefit from anti-EGFRs in RAS and BRAF wild-type metastatic transverse colon cancer: a clinical and molecular proof of concept study. Esmo open, Vol.4 (2), pp. e000489-?.  show abstract

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