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Dr Andrew Reynolds

Team Leader

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Dr Andrew Reynolds left the ICR in November 2016. While at the ICR he researched how tumours recruit nearby cells, especially blood vessels, to grow. He has worked in a range of laboratory-based and clinical environments, including St Thomas’ and St Bartholomew’s hospitals. Team: Tumour Biology


Note: Dr Reynolds has left the ICR and now works at AstraZeneca. This page will soon be retired.

Dr Andrew Reynolds took an early interest in biology largely due to the profound influence of his father, Gerald Reynolds, who was a histopathologist. Dr Reynolds studied for his BSc in Molecular Cell Biology at the University of Southampton (1994-1997).

In 1997, he moved to the Imperial Cancer Research Fund laboratories in London (now the Cancer Research UK London Research Institute) to undertake his PhD in the area of growth factor receptor signalling with Professor Philippe Bastiaens. He then worked as a Postdoctoral Research Fellow at St Thomas Hospital (2002-2003) and St Barts Hospital (2003-2007) where he specialised in angiogenesis research in the laboratory of Professor Kairbaan Hodivala-Dilke.

In 2007, he became an independent Research Fellow at the Breakthrough Breast Cancer Research Centre at the Institute of Cancer Research under the mentorship of Professor Clare Isacke. In 2011, he was appointed to a faculty Team Leader position in the Breakthrough Breast Cancer Research Centre.

The research of Dr Reynolds is focused on understanding how tumours interact with normal host cells, especially blood vessels. Blood vessels play an important role in both feeding the tumour and allowing it to grow. Drugs that block tumour blood vessels can slow the growth of tumours, but these drugs rarely cure the disease. Dr Reynolds wants to learn more about the blood vessels in cancers and find better ways to target the function of these blood vessels. In this way, he hopes to develop more effective treatment strategies for cancer.

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