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Sottoriva, A. (2018). Divergent adaptation in thyroid cancers. Annals of oncology, Vol.29(6), pp. 1353-1353.

Williams, M.J., Werner, B., Barnes, C.P., Graham, T.A. & Sottoriva, A. (2018). Reply: Is the evolution of tumors Darwinian or non-Darwinian?. National science review, Vol.5(1), pp. 17-19.

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Werner, B. & Sottoriva, A. (2018). Variation of mutational burden in healthy human tissues suggests non-random strand segregation and allows measuring somatic mutation rates. Plos computational biology, Vol.14(6), pp. e1006233-e1006233.  show abstract

Vlachogiannis, G., Hedayat, S., Vatsiou, A., Jamin, Y., Fernandez Mateos, J., Khan, K., Lampis, A., Eason, K., Burke, R., Rata, M., et al. (2018). Patient-derived organoids model treatment response of metastatic gastrointestinal cancers. Science, Vol.359(6378), pp. 920-+.  show abstract

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Sun, R., Hu, Z., Sottoriva, A., Graham, T.A., Harpak, A., Ma, Z., Fisher, J.M., Shibata, D. & Curtis, C. (2017). Between-Region Genetic Divergence Reflects the Mode and Tempo of Tumor Evolution. Nature genetics, Vol.49(7), pp. 1015-1024.  show abstract

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Baker, A.-., Huang, W., Wang, X.-., Jansen, M., Ma, X.-., Kim, J., Anderson, C.M., Wu, X., Pan, L., Su, N., et al. (2017). Robust RNA-based in situ mutation detection delineates colorectal cancer subclonal evolution. Nature communications, Vol.8(1), p. 1998.  show abstract

Maley, C.C., Aktipis, A., Graham, T.A., Sottoriva, A., Boddy, A.M., Janiszewska, M., Silva, A.S., Gerlinger, M., Yuan, Y., Pienta, K.J., et al. (2017). Classifying the evolutionary and ecological features of neoplasms. Nature reviews cancer, Vol.17(10), pp. 605-619.  show abstract

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Williams, M.J., Werner, B., Barnes, C.P., Graham, T.A. & Sottoriva, A. (2017). Reply: Uncertainties in tumor allele frequencies limit power to infer evolutionary pressures. Nature genetics, Vol.49(9), pp. 1289-1291.

Werner, B., Scott, J.G., Sottoriva, A., Anderson, A.R., Traulsen, A. & Altrock, P.M. (2016). The Cancer Stem Cell Fraction in Hierarchically Organized Tumors Can Be Estimated Using Mathematical Modeling and Patient-Specific Treatment Trajectories. Cancer research, Vol.76(7), pp. 1705-1713.  show abstract

Williams, M.J., Werner, B., Graham, T.A. & Sottoriva, A. (2016). Functional versus non-functional intratumor heterogeneity in cancer. Molecular & cellular oncology, Vol.3(4), pp. e1162897-e1162897.  show abstract

Eskilsson, E., Rosland, G.V., Talasila, K.M., Knappskog, S., Keunen, O., Sottoriva, A., Foerster, S., Solecki, G., Taxt, T., Jirik, R., et al. (2016). EGFRvIII mutations can emerge as late and heterogenous events in glioblastoma development and promote angiogenesis through Src activation. Neuro-oncology, Vol.18(12), pp. 1644-1655.  show abstract

Williams, M.J., Werner, B., Barnes, C.P., Graham, T.A. & Sottoriva, A. (2016). Identification of neutral tumor evolution across cancer types. Nature genetics, Vol.48(3), pp. 238-244.  show abstract  full text

Lipinski, K.A., Barber, L.J., Davies, M.N., Ashenden, M., Sottoriva, A. & Gerlinger, M. (2016). Cancer Evolution and the Limits of Predictability in Precision Cancer Medicine. Trends in cancer, Vol.2(1), pp. 49-63.  show abstract  full text

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Barry, P., Vatsiou, A., Spiteri Sagastume, I., Nichol, D., Cresswell, G., Acar, A., Trahearn, N., Hrebien, S., Garcia-Murillas, I., Chkhaidze, K., et al. The spatio-temporal evolution of lymph node spread in early breast cancer. Clinical cancer research, .

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