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Treatment Resistance Team

Team Leader Dr Gerhardt Attard left the ICR in January 2018. The team remains open under the Head of Molecular Pathology, Professor Janet Shipley. Under Dr Gerhardt Attard the team used next-generation sequencing on plasma DNA and single-cell transcriptional profiling to study treatment resistance.

Dr Gerhardt Attard's team

Team leader

Dr Gerhardt Attard

Dr Gerhardt Attard

Team Leader

Dr Gerhardt Attard left the ICR in January 2018. While at the ICR he used plasma DNA and single-cell analyses to study treatment resistance in prostate and other cancers. He is a medical oncologist specialising in the treatment of metastatic prostate cancer and is chief investigator for several national and international clinical trials.

Team members

Lesley Carr

Personal Assistant to Dr Gerhardt Attard 020 8722 4330

Vincenza Conteduca

Visiting Worker

Paolo Cremaschi

Bioinformatics Officer

Emily Grist

Clinical Research Fellow

Anuradha Jayaram

Clinical Research Fellow

Karolina Nowakowska

PhD Student

Samanta Salvi

Visiting Worker

Melissa Tan

Clinical Research Fellow and MD(Res) Student

Daniel Wetterskog

Senior Scientific Officer

Anna Wingate

Higher Scientific Officer

Anjui Wu

PhD Student