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Translational Oncogenomics Team

The Translational Oncogenomics team investigates how cancer evolution and plasticity lead to resistance to cancer drugs and immunotherapies, with the aim of designing better treatments that prevent drug resistance. The team was previously led by Dr Marco Gerlinger, who has now left the ICR.

Team leader

Professor Janet Shipley

Professor Janet Shipley

Head of Division

Professor Janet Shipley is investigating ways to improve the treatment of patients with sarcomas that have a poor outcome. She is the Head of the Division of Molecular Pathology.

ORCID 0000-0001-6748-8678

Team members

Dr Marta Buzzetti

Honorary Appointment

Camilla Cucinotta

Honorary Appointment

Dr Hazel Lote

+44 20 7153 5427

Dr Neil McCafferty

Honorary Appointment

Alice Newey

PhD Student

Renske van Boxtel

BSc Student

Dr Andrew Woolston

Senior Bioinformatician