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Factors associated with childhood tumours study (FACT)

Information for professionals

The aim of the Factors Associated with Childhood Tumours Study (FACT) is to collect biological samples and clinical data from individuals with childhood cancer, and their families. This will help us to identify, and better understand, the genetic factors that predispose to childhood tumours. In turn, this will facilitate diagnosis and risk evaluation and will enable the development of guidelines for management of families at increased risk of developing childhood cancer.

Inclusion criteria

Cases/Families that fulfill any of the below criteria will be eligible:

1. Any individual with a childhood solid tumour.
2. Abnormal clinical features in addition to childhood cancer*.
3. Child / family with a known or suspected childhood cancer syndrome.
4. Any individual with multiple primary cancers, at least one that occurred <18 years.
5. Familial clustering of two or more childhood cancer cases.
6. Childhood cancer case with family history of cancer in two or more relatives.
7. Childhood cancer case with excessive toxicity to standard treatment.

* Abnormal clinical features include: growth abnormalities such as overgrowth, hemihypertrophy or growth retardation, dysmorphism, congenital abnormalities, developmental delay.

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