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Genetic Susceptibility Team

Professor Nazneen Rahman’s Team aims to identify, characterise and clinically implement genetic predispositions to a variety of cancers, particularly breast, ovarian, testicular and childhood cancers.

Team Members

Bertha Adjei

Scientific Officer

Eva Amsen

Senior Scientific Officer

Jessie Bull

Recruitment Co-ordinator

Anna Elliott

Database Manager

Esty Holt

Senior Statistician/Bioninformatician

Fran Lockie

Scientific Officer

Shazia Mahamdallie

Molecular Genetics Technical Manager

Silvana Powell

Scientific Officer

Emma Ramsay

Research Assistant

Anthony Renwick

Senior Scientific Officer

Brittany Rex

Executive Assistant

Elise Ruark

Senior Statistician/Bioninformatician

Sheila Seal

Senior Scientific Officer

Ann Strydom

Scientific Programme Manager

Kate Tatton-Brown

Academic Clinician

Alice Turnbull

Higher Scientific Officer

Margaret Warren-Perry

Data Manager

Shawn Yost

Senior Bioinformatician

Anna Zachariou

Clinical Trial Coordinator
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