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Professor Anthony Swerdlow, Aetiological Epidemiology team

Professor Anthony Swerdlow's current research projects include jointly leading a large and comprehensive cohort study into the causes of breast cancer. He is also examining the long-term risks of second cancer after cancer treatments, working on investigations of the causes and genetics of brain tumours, leukaemia and male breast cancer, and cohort studies of long-term cancer and mortality risks in various patient groups.

The Breakthrough Generations Study is a long-term cohort study of women from the general population of the British Isles, which includes over 110,000 women aged ≥16 years.  The principal objective of the study is to investigate the environmental, behavioural, hormonal and genetic causes of breast cancer; the study will also enable investigation of the causes of other cancers and fatal diseases. The study is intended to gain detailed questionnaire information as well as blood samples from the study participants, and to gain high completeness of follow-up, with collection of exposure and follow-up data continuing for at least 40 years.

A national population-based case-control study of the causation of breast cancer in men in England & Wales is being conducted to investigate the genetic, environmental and behavioural aetiology of breast cancer in men on a much larger scale than any study previously. The objectives are to find potentially preventable causes of breast cancer in men, to investigate the genetics of breast cancer in men, and to illuminate from a novel angle, the possible causation of the tumour in women. The study will include 1,000 cases and 1,000 controls aged 18-79.

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