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Aetiological Epidemiology Team

Professor Anthony Swerdlow’s Team uses epidemiological methods to gain a better understanding of the causes of cancer.

Team leader

Professor Anthony Swerdlow

Professor Anthony Swerdlow

Team Leader

Professor Anthony Swerdlow is investigating the causes of cancer in patients and the long-term effects of cancer treatment for these patients. He has been elected a fellow of several medical societies and is Chair of the Independent Advisory Group on Non-Ionizing Radiation at Public Health England.

ORCID 0000-0001-5550-4159

Team members

 Cydney Bruce
Cydney Bruce
Medical Statistician 020 8722 6398

I joined the team back in September 2018 after completing my Masters in Medical Statistics from University of Leicester. Most of my work is on a case control study of nearly 2,000 cases of breast cancer in men. My work involves analysing data and looking for lifestyle risk factors for male breast cancer.

Dr Michael Jones

Dr Michael Jones is a senior staff scientist in the Division of Genetics and Epidemiology, where he is working on the Breast Cancer Now Generations Study. His main research interests are in the design and analysis of complex large epidemiological studies.

Dr Minouk Schoemaker

Dr Minouk Schoemaker is a staff scientist funded by the charity Breast Cancer Now to conduct research into the causes of breast cancer.

 Lauren Wright
Lauren Wright
Honorary Appointment +44 20 3437 6392

As a medical statistician, I conduct analyses using data from the Generations Study and international collaborations to discover links between lifestyle factors and breast cancer risk, disseminating results and writing scientific papers.

Susan Blackmore
Research Assistant T 02087224477
Penny Coulson
Data Manager T +44 20 8722 4196
Kate Foley
Research Assistant T 020 8722 4477
Di Harding
Research Assistant T 020 8722 4477
Jane Lebihan
Research Administrator T +44 20 8722 4394
Christine Macfarlane
Research Assistant T 02087224477
Dr Aislinn Macklin-Doherty
Clinical Research Fellow T +44 20 8722 4474
Joanne Micic
Research Assistant
June Palmer
Data Manager T 020 8722 4470
Sharon Self
Research Assistant
Beverley Smith
Research Administrator T 020 8722 4023
Sharon Squires
PA/Office Administrator T 02087224192
Dawn Thomas
Generations Team Manager T 020 8722 4477
Jill Wood
Research interviewer
Angela Wood
Research Assistant T 02034376711