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Professor Johann de Bono is committed to the utilization of biomarkers to accelerate anticancer drug development of rationally designed anticancer drugs. This includes the determination of optimal drug dosing and scheduling by pharmacodynamic studies; the enrichment of patients based on putative predictive biomarkers in order to commence the clinical qualification of these assays in Phase I trials; the evaluation of biomarkers as intermediate endpoints of clinical benefit and overall survival. 

In collaboration with Professor Paul Workman, Dr Michelle Garrett and Dr Udai Banerji, he designs and conducts pharmacodynamic studies for first-in-man clinical trials, supporting pharmacokinetic-pharmacodynamic modeling. 

Professor de Bono has an interest in the utilization of novel multi-purpose biomarkers such as circulating tumour cells and circulating plasma DNA in early clinical trials. His team was the first to study circulating tumour cells in early drug trials in advanced prostate cancer and have led on the study of circulating tumour cells as an intermediate endpoint of overall survival in this disease with the support of an Medical Research Council Biomarker grant awarded in 2007. His team has a particular interest in circulating biomarkers.