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Professor Stan Kaye, Drug Development Unit

Development of novel targeted therapeutics for cancer, with reference to ovarian cancer

In collaboration with Professor Paul Workman in the Cancer Research UK Cancer Therapeutics Unit, the Drug Development Unit focuses on the evaluation of novel agents for the treatment of cancer. These are designed to target specific molecular aberrations in a range of adult cancers, and priority is given to agents developed within ICR.  

There is a seamless transition of agents from the laboratories through into Phase I trials (in Oak Ward) and with Phase II/III trials in the Tumour Units within The Royal Marsden NHS Foundation Trust

Recent successes have included the development of PARP inhibitors, in conjunction with Professor Alan Ashworth’s group in the Breast Cancer Now Breast Cancer Research Centre laboratories.

Translational studies in ovarian cancer are focusing on analysis of tumour cells isolated from patients with ascites in order to understand mechanisms of drug resistance (with Dr Udai Banerji) and on the isolation and characterisation of tumour stem cells, for new target identification (with Professor Robert Brown).

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