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Clinical Trials of Other Treatments

Open to recruitment

CASPS: A Phase II trial of Cediranib in the treatment of patients with Alveolar Soft Part Sarcoma

REACT: REACT is a multicentre, placebo controlled, randomised phase III trial in patients with primary breast cancer. Patients, in addition to their standard adjuvant therapy, are randomised between two years celecoxib (a COX-2 inhibitor) and placebo in a 2:1 ratio in favour of celecoxib.

In active follow-up

HOT: Randomised phase II trial of hyperbaric oxygen therapy for patients with chronic arm lymphoedema after radiotherapy for early breast cancer.

Closed to recruitment

MAPLE: Double-blind short term pre-surgical study to assess the Molecular Antiproliferative Predictors of Lapatinib’s Effects in Breast Cancer.

NICAM: A Phase II Trial of Nilotinib in the treatment of patients with c-KIT mutated advanced acral and mucosal melanoma. NICAM is a single arm Phase II trial for patients with advanced c-KIT mutated acral or mucosal melanoma.

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