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Surgical Treatment Clinical Trials

Open to recruitment

LopeRA: LopeRA is a randomised controlled trial of laparoscopic, open and robot assisted prostatectomy as treatment for organ-confined prostate cancer.

QUEST: The QUEST trial comprises two phase III randomised controlled multicentre trials, conducted in parallel, to assess the impact of the type (Trial A) and timing (Trial B) of latissimus dorsi (LD) breast reconstruction on the quality of life of women following mastectomy for early breast cancer.

In active follow-up

ICCG FEMTX Trial: Adjuvant phase III randomised study of high dose methotrexate and 5-Fluorouracil combined with epirubicin (FEMTX) versus control in patients with resected gastric cancer.

MSG/BAPS: MSG/BAPS randomised trial of width of excision of thick cutaneous malignant melanoma.

SLNB: The Sentinel Lymph Node Biopsy study is a randomised, feasibility study investigating the diagnosis and treatment of early lymph node involvement in patients with primary cutaneous melanoma by sentinel lymph node biopsy with or without completion lymphadenectomy and molecular markers.

Closed to recruitment

MARS: Mesothelioma and radical surgery trial.