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Target Discovery and Apoptosis Team

The Target Discovery and Apoptosis team is led by Dr Anderson Wang and carries out basic biological research to identify gene targets and patients who would benefit from specific treatments, before developing anticancer drugs to treat these subgroups. The team was previously led by Professor Spiros Linardopoulos, who left the ICR in May 2020.

Team leader

Dr Anderson Wang

Dr Anderson Wang

Team Leader

Dr Anderson Wang will apply his research expertise in DNA repair and industry experience to support the drug development programmes, as he leads the Target Biology and Genomic Instability Team at the ICR.

ORCID 0000-0002-3571-5095

Team members

Dr Katrin Gutsche

Postdoctoral Training Fellow +44 20 3437 6268

Dr Grace Mak

Senior Scientific Officer

Dr Lisa O’Fee

Higher Scientific Officer

Dr Ioannis Poursaitidis

Postdoctoral Training Fellow +44 20 3437 6476