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Structural chemistry group

The Structural Chemistry facility (led by Dr Amin Mirza) within the Cancer Research UK Cancer Therapeutics Unit (CTU) is dedicated to providing analytical chemistry expertise, tools, and methodology for comprehensive structural elucidation in drug discovery. 

We are responsible for the characterisation of all compounds synthesised in-house. This has included at least eight CTU drug discovery programmes which have, either alone or with commercial collaborators, progressed to Phase I clinical stage or beyond. 

Our capabilities include:

Small Molecules Characterisation

The facility ensures provision of open-access structural, molecular weight, and purity assay by NMR and LC/MS 

We deliver expert structure elucidation using state of the art instrumentation extending to isolation and characterisation of significant metabolites

We provide systems and expertise for monitoring the integrity and stability of the CTUs small molecule and fragment libraries

Separation & Purification

The facility ensures provision of systems and support for open-access preparative systems

We deliver expert method development for analytical, chiral, and preparative chromatography

PhysChem Properties Determination

We deliver method development and support of assays for kinetic solubility and LogD by HPLC 

We provide quantitative NMR protocols for solubility and concentration determination

Protein and Ligand Interactions

We provide online mass spectrometry of intact proteins and peptides, characterisation of PTMs, and investigations of native structure

The facility delivers expertise for development of orthogonal mass spectrometry or NMR based protein/peptide-ligand interaction screening assay technologies

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