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Medicinal Chemistry 4 Team

Dr Swen Hoelder’s team designs and then synthesises molecules that could be used as cancer drugs.

Team leader

Dr Swen Hoelder

Dr Swen Hoelder

Dr Swen Hoelder is a key member of the Cancer Research UK Cancer Therapeutics Unit and applies his medicinal chemistry experience to discover and develop new cancer drugs. He has worked in both academia and industry, and has led teams to discover drug screening libraries and pre-clinical candidates.

Team Members

Dr Benjamin Bellenie

Senior Staff Scientist

Dr Alfie Brennan

Post-doctoral Training Fellow

Jack Cheung

Senior scientific officer

Dr Owen Davis

Post-doctoral Training Fellow

Dr Rosemary Huckvale

Post-doctoral Training Fellow

Dr Matthew Lloyd

Post-doctoral Training Fellow

Ellen Watts

PhD Student
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