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Professor Udai Banerji, Clinical Pharmacology Adaptive Therapy Group

The primary area of this group is focused on the re-wiring of signal transduction using established cell lines as well as fresh cancer cells derived and isolated from patients and then exposing them to novel anticancer drugs. Pre- and post-proteomic profiling provides insights into mechanisms of drug resistance and how to overcome this with combination therapies. The initial work was carried out using cancer cells isolated from ascites and pleural effusions; the group in now developing expertise in organoid and patient-derived xenograft tissue.

The group develops its own antibody-based proteomic platforms and collaborates with teams involved in mass spectroscopic methods, led by Jyoti Choudhary. The group generates significant amounts of data and collaborates with the ICR's Computational Biology and Chemogenomics Team led by Professor Bissan Al-Lazikani to develop and decipher the data.

The secondary focus of this lab is the study of the pharmacological effects on cancer evolution in experimental models and methods to quantify this and herd cancer cells to a vulnerable state.

Professor Banerji works with Professor Andrea Sottoriva in the Centre for Evolution and Cancer at the ICR and plans to translate these concepts in to the clinic.

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