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Endocrinology Team

Professor Mitch Dowsett’s Endocrinology Team aims to translate basic breast cancer research into advances in patient care.

Team leader

Professor Mitch Dowsett

Professor Mitch Dowsett

Professor of Biochemical Endocrinology

Professor Mitch Dowsett’s studies into the role of hormones in breast cancer have led to the clinical development of aromatase inhibitors. He holds membership to several senior committees and is on the executive committees for several clinical trials.

ORCID 0000-0003-4122-744X

Team members

Simone Detre

Senior Biomedical scientist

Andrew Dodson

Senior clinical scientist

Deborah Doody

Associate clinical scientist

Dr Elizabeth Folkerd

Senior Scientific Officer/Laboratory Manager

Alice Gao

Senior bioinformatics officer

Dr Pascal Gellert

Senior Bioinformatician

Dr Benjamin Haynes

Post-Doctoral Training Fellow

Margaret Hills

Senior Biomedical scientist

Dr Marie Klintman

Visiting clinician

Dr Sunil Panchol

Senior Scientific Officer

Dr Corrinne Segal

Post-Doctoral Training Fellow

Dr Belinda Yeo