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Cancer Research UK Children’s Brain Tumour Centre of Excellence

A joint initiative led by The Institute of Cancer Research and the University of Cambridge, this centre brings together world experts in paediatric brain tumour research and drug discovery. We aim to transform the way new curative treatments for children with brain tumours are developed.

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At the ICR, we are applying our expertise in medicinal chemistry to develop new small molecule therapeutics and chemical tools to understand cancer biology.

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You can contact the Children’s Brain Tumour Centre at [email protected].

Centre staff members

Medicinal Chemistry 3 Team

Dr Lindsay EvansDr Lindsay Evans

[email protected]

I am a medicinal chemist with a background in both anticancer and antimicrobial drug discovery. I joined the newly established CBTCE in November 2019 and have been working in collaboration with the University of Cambridge to initiate the Centre’s first research projects. The aim of the CBTCE is to transform the way we develop treatments for children with brain tumours. I am interested in developing new small molecule therapeutics and chemical probes to interrogate cancer biology.


Dr Jack O'HanlonDr Jack O'Hanlon

[email protected]

I am a medicinal chemist working within the Children's Brain Tumour Centre of Excellence on the synthesis of new compounds for the treatment of paediatric ependymomas. 


Headshot of Manasa Punaha RavindraDr Manasa Punaha Ravindra

[email protected]

I am a medicinal chemistry Postdoctoral Training Fellow in the CBTCE working with the paediatric ependymoma drug discovery team on the development of tumour-targeted small molecular therapeutics.


Headshot of Aiden DoyleAiden Doyle

[email protected]

I am a cell biology Scientific Officer based at the ICR as part of the CBTCE paediatric ependymoma project. My role involves developing cell based assays.