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Centre for Systems Oncology and Cancer Innovation

The Centre for Systems Oncology and Cancer Innovation is a joint initiative between The Institute of Cancer Research, London, and Imperial College London. The vision for the centre is to deliver an internationally excellent whole-systems approach to diagnosis, assessing prognosis and the discovery of new cancer treatments, in order to transform patient outcomes. To achieve this vision the Centre will build on the complementary expertise in both institutions – metabonomics and biomarkers at Imperial, and cancer biology and drug discovery and development at the ICR.

The centre will undertake collaborative research in cancer aimed at:

Test tubes (Jan Chlebik for the ICR 2011)
  • target identification
  • patient stratification - predictive and prognostic
  • poly-omic data integration
  • diagnosis – staging and early detection
  • surgery – directed
  • biomarker-driven clinical trials

Based on unmet medical need and expertise in the two institutions, the centre will focus its research on the following tumour types:

  • lung
  • breast
  • ovarian
  • prostate
  • gastro-intestinal

The vision of the centre is being achieved through the appointment of team leaders who will work across both organisations. A joint studentship programme has also been developed, with students undertaking multidisciplinary projects that are supervised by faculty at both organisations. Two pump-prime projects have been funded to provide seed funding to members of the centre and facilitate more substantial joint applications to external funding bodies.