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ICR-CTSU data and sample sharing arrangements

The ICR's Clinical Trials and Statistics Unit (ICR-CTSU) is committed to the responsible sharing of clinical trial data and trial research samples with the wider research community in order to improve scientific and medical knowledge about cancer. 

Making a request for access to data and or samples from a trial

Contact should be made via the Director or Deputy Directors, or the relevant Senior Trial Manager, as below.

 Tumour site  Senior Trial Manager      Email  
 Bladder  Rebecca Lewis  [email protected] 
 Breast  Laura Stevenson  [email protected] 
 Head and neck cancer    Marie Emson  [email protected]
 Kidney  Rebecca Lewis  [email protected]
 Lung  Christy Toms  [email protected]
 Melanoma  Laura Stevenson  [email protected]
 Prostate cancer  Clare Cruickshank  Clare.C[email protected]
 Sarcoma  Christy Toms  [email protected]
 Testicular cancer  Clare Cruickshank  [email protected]
 Urological cancer  Clare Cruickshank   [email protected]
 ICR-CTSU Director  Judith Bliss  [email protected]
 ICR-CTSU Deputy Directors  Emma Hall  [email protected]
 Claire Snowdon  [email protected]


How a request for data will be handled by ICR-CTSU

On receipt, the recipient will process the request and forward to the relevant ICR-CTSU Scientific Lead and Chief Investigator/Trial Management Group for consideration.

The factors informing decisions on data access and sharing will be to ensure:

  • Data use is in-keeping with patient consent
  • Confidentiality can be maintained at all times
  • Data are appropriate for intended purpose
  • High-quality research is encouraged
  • Compliance with legal and regulatory requirements is maintained.