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Professor Mel Greaves

Celebratory symposium for Professor Mel Greaves

A celebratory symposium at the Royal Society will bring together distinguished leaders across the field of leukaemia research and treatment to celebrate Professor Sir Mel Greaves and his knighthood for his services to children's leukaemia research.

The full-day symposium, which takes place on Monday 16 September, will tell the story of leukaemia research and its wider legacy for our understanding of cancer – and share the outstanding progress made through international collaboration for leukaemia and its treatment.

The event is generously supported by the Kay Kendall Leukaemia Fund. Spaces can now be reserved at the symposium using the following Eventbrite link.

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Leukaemia Legacies – A celebration of the impact of blood cancer research and treatment

09:00  Registration: Coffee and pastries

09.20 Introductory remarks: Peter Rigby FRS, The Institute of Cancer Research, London

09.30 Session 1 Chair Andrea Biondi, University of Milano-Bicocca

09.35 The Sidney Farber Lecture – The cure of childhood ALL Given by Stephen E Sallan, Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, Boston

10.15 The John Goldman Lecture – The Philadelphia story Given by Jane Apperley, Imperial College London

10.50 Coffee

11.10 Session 2 Chair – Brian Huntly, School of Clinical Medicine, University of Cambridge

11.15 The Leo Sachs Lecture – APL, from differentiation to targeted therapy. Given by Hugues de TheĢ, College de France and Hospital St Louis, Paris, France

11.50 The Ernest McCulloch Lecture - Leukaemia stem cells. Given by John E Dick, Princess Margaret Cancer Centre, University Health Network, Toronto

12.30 The Donald Metcalf Lecture - Signalling, stem cell subversion and myeloproliferative neoplasms. Given by Tony Green, Wellcome MRC Cambridge Stem Cell Institute. Sponsored by The Kay Kendall Leukaemia Fund

13.10 Lunch – City of London Rooms 1 and 2

14.10 Session 3 Chair – Peter Campbell, Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute, Cambridge

14.15 The Janet Rowley Lecture – Somatic cell genetics of AML. Given by Elli Papaemmanuil, Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, New York

14.55 The Richard Doll Lecture – Inherited susceptibility to blood cell cancers. Given by Richard Houlston, The Institute of Cancer Research, London

15.35 Tea

15.55 Session 4 Chair – Paul Workman, The Institute of Cancer Research, London 

16.00 Closing Lecture Given by Mel Greaves FRS, The Institute of Cancer Research, London. Sponsored by The Kay Kendall Leukaemia Fund

16.50 Concluding remarks Paul Workman

17.00 Drinks Reception, City of London Rooms 1 and 2




Wellcome Trust Lecture Hall

The Royal Society

6–9 Carlton Terrace


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