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Cancer Research UK Cancer Imaging Centre

The Cancer Research UK Cancer Imaging Centre uses advanced imaging technologies to investigate non-invasive biomarkers that inform on the biology of specific tumours. The centre’s research will eventually enable doctors to detect these tumours, understand their behaviour and assess the effectiveness of targeted treatments.

Nandita deSouza MRI

Based at The Institute of Cancer Research, the Cancer Research UK Cancer Imaging Centre explores new ways of characterising the aggressiveness of a tumour, developing new paradigms for screening and risk stratification.

Working towards its goal of providing personalised cancer treatment, the centre is investigating imaging biomarkers that could predict the most beneficial treatment for a particular patient.

Researchers at the centre are also investigating how novel imaging methods can be used to study a drug’s function and effect in individual patients. This research aids the ICR’s drug development teams, potentially reducing the economic and clinical burden of drug development.

The Cancer Research UK Cancer Imaging Centre collaborates with multidisciplinary teams on-site, in particular the Cancer Research UK Cancer Therapeutics Unit and a major new Centre for Molecular Pathology, as well as with academic and industry partners around the world. This enhances molecular understanding of the biological changes underlying imaging measurements and ensures that discoveries are translated into multicentre clinical trials and clinical practice.

Facilities in the Cancer Research UK Cancer Imaging Centre currently include MRI, PET-CT (together with a cyclotron facility and hot cells for radiochemistry) and novel ultrasound and photoacoustic equipment. There are a portfolio of clinical 1.5-T and 3-T MRI and clinical PET-CT scanners across the Sutton and Fulham Road sites. Experimental MRI (7T and 11.7T) and PET/SPECT/CT systems are housed at Sutton along with novel ultrasound and photoacoustic imaging capability for both clinical and experimental work.