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NCRI 2018

The National Cancer Research Institute (NCRI) Cancer Conference is the UK's largest meeting of cancer researchers and doctors. In 2018, the conference was held in Glasgow from 4-6 November and, as always, the ICR is attended. This #NCRI2018 page gathers together news, blog posts and videos from the event.

NCRI 2018 conference banner

Image: NCRI 2018 conference banner in Glasgow. Credit: Simon Callaghan Photography

Blog: Reducing inequalities, immunotherapy and quality of life: three key themes from NCRI 2018

As the conference stands were packed up and the signs taken down, Lydia Brain reflects back on some of the most commonly recurring topics from the conference.

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Video: Professor Clare Isacke talks about NCRI 2019

Professor Clare Isacke reveals she will be co-chairing the anniversary NCRI conference in 2019.


Blog: Three new ways researchers are combatting cancer

An intriguing session at the NCRI conference gave a glimpse of some novel ways for attacking cancers.

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Video: Professor Clare Isacke on single-cell technologies

Professor Clare Isacke told us what she's most excited about in cancer research in 2019 – single-cell technologies.


Blog: Using liquid biopsies to understand cancer treatment

Testing for cancer cells and DNA in the bloodstream is showing huge promise as a way of monitoring cancers and how they are responding to treatment. At #NCRI2018, ICR researchers spoke about how these co-called liquid biopsies can guide clinical decisions for cancer patients.

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Video: Dr Iain Frame on exciting cancer research in 2019

We caught up with NCRI's Chief Executive, Dr Iain Frame, at this year's conference in Glasgow. He shares his thoughts on the conference and what he's looking forward to in cancer research in 2019.


Blog: World-leading cancer researchers and clinicians gather in Glasgow

This year the ICR, is in Scotland for the NCRI conference. As the UK’s largest platform for cancer researchers, clinicians, industry and patients to showcase the latest advances in cancer research, the ICR will be reporting on the cutting-edge science throughout.

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