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Andreas Heindl

Dr Andreas Heindl is a postdoc computer scientist in the Division of Molecular Pathology. An expert in computational image analysis, Andreas works closely with biologists Dr Yinyin Yuan and Professor Mel Greaves at The Institute of Cancer Research's recently launched Centre for Evolution and Cancer. Here he applies his skills to improving our understanding of the variation within and between brain tumours. Specifically, his research is focussed on developing automated methods for analysing the heterogeneity of populations of cells in histopathology images.

Andreas HeindlPrior to joining the ICR, Andreas worked in the sleep lab at the University of Vienna, applying similar image analysis techniques to the sleeping brain. His PhD, from the Medical University of Vienna, looked at imaging molecular mechanisms in cell biology.

Andreas appreciates the close interdisciplinary collaboration between researchers at the ICR. "We frequently share ideas in seminars, and other experts present their work," he says. "That's where you find inspiration for new collaborations, and new projects where you can also push further your own research, the reaches of your lab. It's a great way for a project to start."

Outside of work, Andreas says, he likes to do "active and extreme things", including running marathons, diving, and competition Latin dancing.