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International Day of Women and Girls in Science

The Institute of Cancer Research is proud of our work in promoting the careers of women and we have undertaken a number of initiatives in this area, including running leadership development programmes for women.

We are especially proud that our efforts to promote gender equality and inclusivity have been recognised with an Athena SWAN Silver award.

Group shot of ICR scientists and students for International Day of Women and Girls in Science 2020

To celebrate International Day of Women and Girls in Science, we're sharing some advice from our scientists about pursuing a career in research.

“Gain as much lab experience as you can by arranging placements whilst you’re still studying – it will all be invaluable experience.” Alice Harbery, PhD student

“It’s always helpful to speak to people doing research full time, to help you figure out what kind of research you enjoy and want to pursue.” – Dr Sara Heuss, Higher Scientific Officer

“Persevere through any challenges along the way because it's a truly rewarding career!” – Dr Glori Lazaro, Post-doctoral Training Fellow

“Seek advice from people who have done the same thing you’re looking to do, and get to know what support is out there for you, including mentorships and support for your personal development.”Dr Rachael Natrajan, Team Leader

"Always apply for opportunities even if you feel underprepared or under-qualified. I felt this way for both my PhD and post-doc application and I got both! If you apply it might be a yes, but if you don't, it will always be a no." – Dr Erin Cutts, Post-doctoral Training Fellow

"1. Be the example of change and achievement you want to see.
2. Network, network and more networking - this is useful for gaining knowledge & ideas and can play a crucial part in career progression.
3. Do outreach work – help and inspire those coming up behind you." – Naa-Anyima Boateng, Higher Scientific Officer

"Develop critical thinking skills and don't be afraid to ask questions. It also helps to read about women who have done well in science to see that their path wasn't always easy and they didn't always feel confident. And most important: enjoy it."Professor Jessica Downs, Team Leader, Deputy Head of Cancer Biology Division 

Find out more about our commitments to create a supportive work environment for women in science

Equality and diversity at the ICR

We believe that our strength comes from combining what we have in common – our shared goals and values – with what makes each of us different. Find out more about our equality networks

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