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The Institute of Cancer Research currently has a number of partnering and licensing opportunities and any member of the Enterprise Unit would be pleased to review these with potential commercial collaborators. 

Counting pills returned from a clinical trial (Jan Chlebik for the ICR, 2014)B-RAF inhibitors

Wellcome Trust licensing opportunity.
Principal Scientists: Professor Richard Marais and Professor Caroline Springer

Novel inhibitors of enzyme B-RAF. Four chemical series, three pre-clinical candidates. Proof of concept demonstrated in vivo. Compounds orally active in melanoma and colorectal xenograft models. Compounds demonstrate a range of selectivity profiles.

For further information contact Angela Kukula or download the PDF flyer.


Wellcome Trust licensing opportunity.
Principal Scientists: Professor Alan Ashworth and Dr Chris Lord

Tankyrase is a member of the PARP superfamily and inhibition of this enzyme offers the opportunity to target two of the most common characteristics of tumour cells – the dependency upon telomere maintenance and Wnt dependency. Novel small molecule tankyrase inhibitors have been designed and are in development for use in cancer therapy, including colorectal cancer where constitutive Wnt signalling is one of the more predominant characteristics and small molecule tankyrase inhibitors have been shown to restrict Wnt signalling and inhibit colorectal tumour cells.

For further information contact Jonathan Beech or download the PDF flyer.

Lysyl Oxidase

Wellcome Trust collaboration and licensing opportunity.
Principal Scientist: Professor Caroline Springer

Lysyl oxidase (LOX) is an extracellular enzyme responsible for crosslinking of collagen and elastin. LOX expression is regulated by hypoxia inducible factors (HIFs) and LOX is upregulated in hypoxic tumours. Secreted LOX leads to invasion and metastases and hence inhibitors of LOX should prevent tumour progression and metastases.

For more information contact Angela Kukula or download the PDF flyer.

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