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Understanding Cell Division

Help Professor Jonathon Pines and his team better understand how cancer develops when the complex process of cell division goes wrong.

This year, the ICR will be the first research organisation in the UK to acquire a lattice light sheet microscope.

The new lattice light sheet microscope, which uses Bessel beams, has the potential to revolutionise cancer research. By using beams that are so narrow they can reveal details in cells unseen using a normal light, while avoiding any damage to the cell.

Using this technology, Professor Pines, Head of the Division of Cancer Biology, will be able to analyse the biological processes inside a living, dividing cell, in a way that hasn’t previously been possible.

Studying exactly how cells maintain the stability of the genome during normal cell division is critical to understand the development and evolution of cancer, and to open up new approaches to treatment. This is a key aspect of our new five-year research strategy.

By improving our understanding of the fundamental causes of cancer, we hope to be able to discover better, kinder treatments.

ICR Professor Jonathon Pines

A gift from you today, to fund research using this new microscope, will help us take the next step in outsmarting cancer and bring hope to future generations of cancer patients.

Thank you so much for your support.

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