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Professor John Yarnold

Team leader

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Professor John Yarnold has led 15 randomised clinical trials investigating the use of radiotherapy for cancer patients. His previous research has led to the establishment of new, international standard-of-care guidelines for treating skeletal metastases. Team: Clinical Academic Radiotherapy (Yarnold)

T 0208 661 3891/3388


Professor Yarnold has been chief investigator of 15 randomised clinical trials involving more than 15,000 patients.

The overall aim is to improve the evidence underpinning current radiotherapy practices in cancer patients. He led the first-ever randomised clinical trial investigating single-dose radiotherapy (replacing 10-20 fractions) for the palliative treatment of chronic pain due to uncomplicated skeletal metastases. This was one of a series of trials that led to the establishment of single-dose radiotherapy as the international standard of care for these patients.

His current research focuses on the evaluation of a 5-fraction schedule of whole breast radiotherapy as an alternative to the international standard 25-fraction regimen.