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Dr Emma Hall

Team Leader

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Dr Emma Hall is a medical statistician with a particular interest in clinical trials that aim to maximise the treatment of urological, and head and neck cancers. She is the Deputy Director of the Cancer Research UK-funded Clinical Trials and Statistics Unit. Team: ICR-CTSU Urology and Head and Neck trials

T 020 8722 4292


Emma Hall is a Reader of Oncology Trials and Deputy Director of the Cancer Research UK-funded Clinical Trials and Statistics Unit at The Institute of Cancer Research (ICR-CTSU). She is a chartered statistician with over 20 years’ experience in the design, methodology and analysis of oncology clinical trials. Dr Hall is a member of the National Clinical Research Institute (NCRI)’s Prostate and Bladder & Renal Clinical Studies Groups, she co-chairs the NCRI Clinical and Translational Radiotherapy Research Group (CTRad) Workstream3 (Phase 3 Trials and Methodology) and is a member of CTRad’s Executive Committee. She sits on the independent data monitoring and trial steering committees for a number of international and national clinical trials and is a member of the Marie Curie Research Funding Committee. Dr Hall leads the ICR-CTSU’s portfolio of research in urological and head and neck cancers.

Her current research interests includes the design and analysis of radiotherapy trials, novel agent/biomarker studies in metastatic castrate resistance prostate cancer and trials evaluating the treatment and management of bladder and rarer genitourinary cancers.

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