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Learning, Teaching and Assessment Strategy

The Learning, Teaching and Assessment Strategy seeks to enable us to make a major contribution to the education and training of the next generation of cancer researchers and clinicians.

ICR Scientists in the Lab (Charles Milligan for the ICR, 2014)

The strategy covers both research degrees and taught course programmes and aims to:

  • Further develop and enhance the quality of the ICR’s Research Degrees Programme
  • Further develop and enhance the quality of the ICR’s MSc (Oncology), to consider the need for other specific training in oncology and where possible to provide appropriate courses
  • Provide excellent support for learning and teaching, including through the exploitation of IT, and through the provision of services at the forefront of academic administration
  • Develop and exploit both existing and new interactions and partnerships with other appropriate organisations in the field of cancer research and education
  • Promote student and staff volunteering, community interaction and public communication of science
  • Ensure equality and diversity, and efficient and flexible academic support services

The Academic Dean (Professor Clare Isacke) is responsible for the strategy, which will be implemented and monitored via annual operational and quality assurance & enhancement plans, overseen by the Academic Board.

The Learning Teaching and Assessment Strategy is supported by the e-learning and library sub-strategies.

Download our Learning, Teaching and Assessment Strategy (PDF)

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